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Terms & Conditions


Purchase contract is established when your order and payment is confirmed by our system. Date of delivery of our products and services is the date of payment.

Order Cancelation

Orders with cancelled or unsuccessful payment will automatically be considered cancelled.

Delivery of digital products 


After the successful payment of the software, a Email confirmation will be automatically generated for authorizing the customer for 1 time download of the software.

Warranty and refund policy
Refunds are subject to individual requirements, which will be thoroughly considered and analyzed. Full refunds only in case our software malfunctions on your site in maximum of 7 days after purchase. If the issue is from our software and is not fixed, full payment refund immediately after the confirmation.

Limited Liability
We don't take any responsibility or liability for any action or damages caused by our sofware as it is provided as Open Sourced with no encryption at all and we provide continuous support to fix any found issues. It is up to your own testing to report any underlying issues. 



By confirming an order a shopper understands and accept these Terms of Service.  A shopper understands that any law disputes will be handled according to Vendor's country's legislation.

Subject to VAT for all of our digital products and services:

All of the purchases on our site are considered as one time subscription of the software updates (a service), not the software itself. We provide 1 year subscription for One Page Checkout and associated extensions during which you have a right for the software updates (including bug fixes, new themes, new functionality and features)  that can be downloaded at our download section or ask for a support per single domain. 

According Article 196 Council Directive 2006/112/EC of 28 November 2006 as amended by Council Directive 2006/138/EC, person liable for tax payment is person, to whom services are supplied.